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Exciting news! We're adding a new feature to our blog: a curated collection of our favorite travel links. Get ready for inspiring destinations, insider tips, breathtaking photos, and captivating travel tales. Discover hidden gems, plan unforgettable trips, and indulge your wanderlust. Stay tuned for regular updates and let's explore the world together—one link at a time!

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I have to share an incredible organization that has personally touched our lives: the Fisher House Foundation. When our family faced a medical crisis, Fisher House provided us with a comfortable and welcoming home just steps away from the hospital. Their support meant we could stay close to our loved one during a difficult time, without worrying about accommodation costs. The Fisher House Foundation goes above and beyond to assist veterans and their families, offering a haven of support when it's needed most. We're forever grateful for their compassion and dedication to those who have served our country.

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